Mexican Hot Chocolate

Mexican Hot Chocolate by Mindy Huskins ’13

“Sometimes Haffner puts out cinnamon sticks on the spice rack. My favorite thing to do when that happens is to make Mexican hot chocolate! Just grab a mug, put a cinnamon stick or two inside, fill it up with hot chocolate from the machine, and sprinkle a little […]

Breakfast for Dinner Sundae

Breakfast for Dinner Sundae by Emilee Finkelstein¬†’14¬†and Dakota Jackson ’14


Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream French Toast Sticks (from Breakfast for Dinner bar) Cap’n Crunch


Take between two and four french toast sticks from the breakfast bar and put them in a glass. Fill glass with raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream, and sprinkle […]

Chili Chocolate Fondue

Chili Chocolate Fondue by Renee Byer ’12 Chef’s comments: “a classic and complex flavor combo. Chili gives a slight pleasant warmth and enhances the chocolate.”


Chocolate chips Splash of half-and-half or cream 1 pat butter (optional) Chili flakes or cayenne pepper Bananas, other fruit, cake, etc.

Directions: Fill a bowl with chocolate chips […]