Breakfast for Dinner Sundae

Breakfast for Dinner Sundae by Emilee Finkelstein¬†’14¬†and Dakota Jackson ’14


Raspberry Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream French Toast Sticks (from Breakfast for Dinner bar) Cap’n Crunch


Take between two and four french toast sticks from the breakfast bar and put them in a glass. Fill glass with raspberry chocolate chunk ice cream, and sprinkle […]

Deviled Eggs

Deviled Eggs by Renee Byer ’12 Chef’s comments: “A little involved, but tasty and fun if you have the time.”


Hard boiled eggs Mayonnaise Yellow mustard Red wine vinegar Salt Paprika Dill Cayenne or tabasco (optional) Sliced green olives with pimentos (optional)


1. Seel eggs and slice in half lengthwise. Remove yolks and […]

Sunday Brunch Omelet

Sunday Brunch Omelet by Renee Byer ’12 Chef’s comments: “Best omelet you’ve ever had. Promise.”


2 fresh eggs Splash of whole milk Salt and pepper 3 pats butter Chopped broccoli Chopped onion Chopped bell pepper Chopped mushrooms Add other vegetables to your tast Shredded mozzarella

(The above ingredients should fill a plate.)

Hot sauce […]